It’s been a busy week….

It’s been a busy week….

It’s been a busy week so far, what with TechWeekAKL in full swing across the water at GridAKL and the Tripartite Economic Summit drawing to a close after a “hugely successful” (in Len Brown’s words) two days of intense talks and networking at the Viaduct.   


The People in Tech talk at TechWeek caught our eye.  Hosted by veteran publisher Vincent Heeringa (of Idealog mag fame, among other things), the panel boasted a stellar line-up, including Lillian Grace, founder of “data democratiser” Figure.NZ;  Shaun O’Donnell, rocket scientist from the Rocket Lab; Robert Amor, computer science guru from the University of Auckland; Che Tamahori, digital design guru and co-founder of Shift (now DAN); and Ruth McDavitt, champion of the Summer of Tech initiative and proponent of diversity in tech.  
The frameworkTechWeek of the discussion was around the skill shortages and talent pipeline within the Auckland tech industry, and honed in on how we can equip the next generation people of tech for the future we need to build.  We heard that passion and tech is a powerful joint force — you can combine pretty much anything you like doing with tech — but that tech is a team sport.  Coders need to communicate with more than just their keyboards.  We heard about how remote friendly vs remote first works for some, but not others, and how Post-it notes are the new currency of paper-based offices.  And curiosity is king!  
Find out more about what’s going on the rest of the week here

Tripartite Taster

Tripartite Taster

Auckland has just played host to the annual Tripartite Economic Summit, with delegations from sister cities Los Angeles and Guangzhou converging on the Viaduct for the two-day talk fest titled “Making Connections”.  Attracting a sea of local and international entrepreneurs, the event aims to establish business and trade links, investment and jobs for the three cities.  


Our very own Conversant founder and MD Cameron Beattie was there.  


In the first of our Devonport Download series, he gives us his unabridged views on how he spent his time…..TripartiteTripartite 2

DD: Why did you go along?

CB: To get an understanding of the opportunities in Guangzhou in particular and the relationships that Auckland Council has built


DD: Post-mortem Top Picks?

CB: Dr Erez Morag: A really engaging speaker who helped transform Nike Football from a $30million to a $2billion business by applying great design principles and cross pollination of ideas. He finished off with a live demonstration of the power of cognitive training.

NZ Consul General, Guangzhou, Rebecca Needham who spoke eloquently about the opportunities in Guangzhou which has historically been one of the most open areas in China, with an international port open continually for 1000 years.

Prof Yuan Xue-Feng , (CH), Guangzhou National Supercomputer Centre. They built the world’s fastest computer in 18 months. Cost $400m of which $200m paid for by Guangzhou City.

Gabriel Leydon (US) Machine Zone. Every single bus on the AT network is now tracked and can be viewed in real-time including when it goes off-route. Soon every Auckland citizen will be able to see where every bus, train and ferry is in real time. Who knew?


DD: Are there other cities you’d like to see included in future events?

CB: I think it’s important to focus on the current three-way initiative so it would be counter-productive to add too many.  Possibly a city in South America would be good.


DD: Worth your time out of the office?

CB: Definitely.  It’s important to get your head out of the detail of running a business and look outside the window every so often. The tripartite reinforced again the massive opportunities internationally that are available for NZ businesses. I’m looking forward to further building on the relationships through ATEED and into Guangzhou.

Rabid’s a Resident

Rabid’s a Resident

Rabid B&W Rabid colour

Rabid Technologies is a NZ-owned business technology company that works with a broad client base from start-ups to major enterprises to design and build a wide range of innovative technologies, from apps to websites and from software to hardware. With around 25 employees in NZ, they specialise in projects that require complex interactions, social behaviour, and exploring new technologies and business models, especially where long term strategic planning about the business purpose of technology is required.

James Harton, who has spent more than 20 years making the internet and doing cool things with code, established Rabid’s satellite office here at Level One earlier this year.  He’s an active member of the New Zealand Ruby community and is currently serving his second term on the committee of Ruby New Zealand. A busy business person and doting dad, he is always on the go; whether as organiser of the 2015 Rails Camp in Whangaparaoa or speaking at events like WDCNZ in Wellington.

With a degree in Comp Sci and over a decade of win on her Silicon valley CV, Haunani Pao came to NZ to join Rabid and lead an even more awesome life! A passionate believer in building beautiful, simple experiences that help people get “stuff” done, she is all about the user experience being at one with the business question. When she’s not using her UX superpowers for good, Haunani is a cat mom, co-organiser for User Experience Auckland, is an avid traveler, and takes great joy in experiencing films, art, and occasionally hoarding top-quality art supplies.

Passionate about innovation and socially beneficial uses of technology, Robert Carter brings to Rabid over a decade of partnering with scientists and researchers. Rob relishes the nuances of bringing leading edge research together with reliable, flexible technologies. While deft at working with scientists, he also has a Masters of Fine Arts, enjoys cycling and loves helping teach kids how to fix bikes. He is board member of the Aotearoa Digital Arts Trust.


deFacto is a boutique software development and solutions company with mainly large, overseas clients and an internationally dispersed development team. Chris McKay, who “earned his stripes” in the hallowed Silicon Valley, enjoys bringing a team together for interesting and technically challenging projects. Small startups are another particular interest and Level One provides the opportunity to work with like-minded people and businesses, with a focus on collaboration.

If he wasn’t so busy enjoying this career, he would run a bookshop with a bar and live performance space. Watch this space….

Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage is a business-focused, not-for-profit organisation that investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth.

Pure Advantage believes that the private sector has an important role to play in transition to a low carbon economy and the creation of a healthier, wealthier New Zealand.  It has identified seven key sectors for opportunities:  Agritech, BioDiversity, BioProducts, Housing, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Waste to Value.


Raytio allows individuals, families and businesses to create and store a digital “identity”. The details provided by our users are verified with authoritative sources to create a trusted, verified, shareable profile which can then be shared with third parties with the consent of the user. This improves customer onboarding and due diligence, credit decisioning, data accuracy, reduces processing time and delivers superior customer outcomes.

Organisations such as wealth managers, financial advisors, lawyers, real estate agencies, employers, medical practices and accommodation providers use Raytio to onboard customers, perform identity verification as part of their AML/CFT compliance obligations and digitally transform manual processes.


Vinsight is a business app that provides production, sales and inventory management to companies in the food and beverage industries.  Founded by Simon Lampen, who is also a Level One HQ shareholder, Vinsight has also developed an add-on for Xero Accounting Software to offer a seamless solution to company tax and auditing requirements in their target industries.


SecuritEase is a fully integrated front office and back office stock broking system.

Its multi-currency, multi-company and multi-market capabilities allow users to participate in any market and easily trade and settle in a range of different currencies.

Welcome to Level One

Welcome to Level One

We look forward to keeping you informed with what is going on at Level One and in the technology community and innovation space in Devonport. You can also follow us on twitter @LevelOneHQ.