Level One Parks Up for International PARK (ing) Day

Level One Parks Up for International PARK (ing) Day

Level One showed that “work” can take place wherever you want it to as it joined in the local celebration of international PARK(ing) Day — an initiative to promote the re-thinking of public space.  The idea is to transform parking bays into liveable and creative spaces, such as mini-parks, playgrounds, reading rooms and workspaces.  Since 2005, this urban activism movement has not only successfully communicated the importance of quality public space to the masses, but also resulted in the permanent replacement of car parks with public parks. 

More than 40 Devonport businesses decamped to local carparks for the day last Friday, with Level One occupying arguably the best “room with a view” beside Windsor Reserve. Local bookstores held reading sessions for children; personal trainers ran sports clinics; while one local architecture firm introduced an element of sculptural irony by occupying a carpark with crushed cars. 

Zero Waste Comes to Devonport

Zero Waste Comes to Devonport

Level One hosted the inaugural community planning meeting of the Zero Waste Devonport initiative recently, thanks in large to the efforts of our very own Simon Millar.  Here’s a blog post on the outcome of the meeting, written by steering group member Jane Walters.  If you want any more info on Zero Waste Devonport, email zerowastedevonport@gmail.com



At Zero Waste Devonport, we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together.

The Zero Waste Devonport steering group would like to thank all of you that attended our route planning meeting at Level One on 20th August 2018.

We had a fantastic evening full of engaging conversations and wonderful responses from each of the groups in their discussions.

Since this meeting, the Zero Waste Devonport steering group have formed some feedback information to share with you all.

This group’s mission is to create a local community of individuals who will support the Zero Waste Devonport Steering group, and inspire one another by providing opportunities to network and actively engage in waste minimization projects that will benefit our community.

The Devonport Zero Waste Steering Group are Andrew Walters (Global Action Plan Oceania/  Devonport Community Recycling Center), Jane Walters (GAPO/DCRC), Toni Van Tonder( Devonport Business Association), Maria Teeape ( Devonport Peninsula Trust), Steve MCluckie (Auckland North Community and Development), Simon Millar (Pure Advantage), Tasha Wherle, Megan Franklin and Suzanne Grossweiler. The results are summarised below of our  Zero waste Devonport route plan engagement by votes of attendees at the workshop. ( please see attached document for the full breakdown of the evenings’ discussions).

We would like further engage and encourage you to attend and share your skills at regular zero waste Devonport meetings( possibly at the library TBA) and become an integral part of this zero waste community.

Together we can become better community leaders about zero waste and achieve together some great local outcomes for our community. If you have feedback, questions, or would like to get more involved, email zerowastedevonport@gmail.com to get us started on our route to zero waste by 2040 together.

Emerging zero waste Devonport Priorities (suggested by the votes of the community):

  1. Community-wide zero waste loyalty card    
  2. Refuse plastic in retail / Take packaging back
  3. Celebrate champions
  4. Biodegradable plastic facts (dog poo bags)

Areas of focus (suggested by the votes of the community):

  1. Call for business to do more
  2. Consumer action & packaging  also Loyalty Zero waste
  3. Education & engagement
  4. Avoidance of plastic
  5. Business support
  6. Network & Social Media /Information
  7. Practical waste interventions/ infrastructure   

Food waste service/ composting advice

Recycling Facts sheet


Advice on biodegradable products/ bags, what do they need to break down

Glass/ refill options (e.g. milk)

Tip of week board

Recycling advice

Accessibility to sustainable materials

Celebrate champions & advocates

Composting options

Schools waste programme

Guidance of what can do in the community

information share solutions and advice about common waste minimization problems

Bring people & resources together

Zero waste roadmap/ calendar


Promote Bring own container options Business Awards

Small business support- funding, collective purchasing,

Public recycling bins- local board Loyalty card scheme
Celebrate our history

Navy Compost

Conscious shock / wake up call to action

Biodegradable dog bags

Keep up enthusiasm, Mandate to proceed Synergies Kaipatiki Business case.

Mike Cohen- working group/ support, long-term funding for roles/ activities.