What I Love Most About Coworking……

What I Love Most About Coworking……

In the spirit of National Coworking Day, we’ve polled our residents to find out what they enjoy most about coworking.  Looks like it’s been given the big thumbs-up….

“The diversity of viewpoints and shared experiences”…..Cameron, Conversant

“I enjoy the mix of people.  The interns, especially, amuse me”……Chris, Defacto Software

“Sharing inspiration with like-minded people”……Simon, Vinsight

“I like being around people — I worked at home for a number of years and slowly went mad”……Chris, Scientific Software & Systems

“I like meeting new people and hearing about new ideas and business ventures.  It inspires me to think differently”….. Leah, Conversant

“The co-working dog”……Narly, Potter IP

“It’s nice being around a diverse range of people with different skills and interests”….. Tate, Conversant

“Daily swims, good views, great sunsets”……Hamish, Conversant

“I just love the buzz of having a diversity of people around with a great sense of humour”……..Matto, Rabid

National Coworking Day Comes to Level One

National Coworking Day Comes to Level One

Level One will throw open its doors next Thursday, May 11 for National Coworking Day – a new concept for New Zealand and part of Tech Week which kicks off this weekend.  

National Coworking Day aims to showcase the network of coworking spaces in New Zealand, to generate interest in co-working in various cities and regions and to feature coworking spaces and coworkers as key players in New Zealand technology and innovation.  

Around 30 coworking spaces in New Zealand are taking part in National Coworking Day, including Confluence in Whanganui, Orchard Hub in Whangarei and Awesome HQ in Christchurch.

We’ll be open for visits between 9am and 5pm on the 11th, so please let friends, colleagues, locals and anyone else curious about coworking know that they can pop in for free and see what we do at any stage that day.  We’ll put on a few beers after 5pm, in fine Thursday afternoon style.