Level One Parks Up for International PARK (ing) Day

Level One Parks Up for International PARK (ing) Day

Level One showed that “work” can take place wherever you want it to as it joined in the local celebration of international PARK(ing) Day — an initiative to promote the re-thinking of public space.  The idea is to transform parking bays into liveable and creative spaces, such as mini-parks, playgrounds, reading rooms and workspaces.  Since 2005, this urban activism movement has not only successfully communicated the importance of quality public space to the masses, but also resulted in the permanent replacement of car parks with public parks. 

More than 40 Devonport businesses decamped to local carparks for the day last Friday, with Level One occupying arguably the best “room with a view” beside Windsor Reserve. Local bookstores held reading sessions for children; personal trainers ran sports clinics; while one local architecture firm introduced an element of sculptural irony by occupying a carpark with crushed cars. 

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