Boundless energy

Boundless energy

Energy is at the cornerstone of Mark Unwin’s latest business venture, and it’s something the Devonport resident has in spades.  The former co-owner and founder of Viaduct, the eftpos terminal provider, has finished cleaning the house and garden and now has his sights set on cornering the solar energy market with the forthcoming launch of iGenerate.  Mark has recently taken up residence at Level One, providing him with the perfect opportunity to sit alongside businesses in a similar space, including Pure Advantage.


With power poverty an issue for many New Zealanders, Mark is focused on reducing the cost of monthly energy bills by making solar power more accessible for homeowners, and at the same time enhancing our clean, green image.  More than two thirds of New Zealand’s electricity currently comes from renewable sources — including solar — with the Government’s energy policy aiming to up this figure to 90% in less than 10 years.  


Due to the massive drop in solar power prices, solar power systems are now a more viable option and Mark is looking at covering a range of angles with iGenerate, including provision of finance packages and home storage of power.  Ultimately, he’d like to see higher feed-in tariffs for solar power systems, but first he has the simple matter of a business to launch.  Watch this space for more news!

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